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For the men, fashion tips certainly includes certain trends in terms of apparel, shoes and even jewellery. Every year has its own set of new trends that come from trailblazing fashion icons. Every year also sees some former trends coming back in a new avatar. This year the blazers or the suits for men are in. They have to be well tailored though, especially for the special occasions, whether is an anniversary, a wedding or a professional meeting. Single breasted suits are the most popular ones with black and dark grey being the chosen colours.

As far as men fashion tips are concerned it isn’t formalwear all the way. Leather bomber jackets are hugely popular boosting a sporty image. These jackets with loads of pockets can be worn over a shirt to give out an ultra-hip look. Jackets are worn almost with anything these days with versatile colours like blue, grey and pale mauve leading the popularity charts.

Dress slacks and khakis too are amongst the fashion trends for this year. When you observe men fashion tips, casual and informal is indeed calling the shots. Practicality is one of the strong themes for the apparel most people are picking. Comfort and convenience follow next. The belted jackets are also part of the latest trends that are sweeping men’s fashion styling. The plaid flannel shirts are part of another trend that also includes jean jackets and dyed black denim, as the latest sophistication that is entering the stylisation for men’s clothing.

Long sleeved dress shirts with a bit of rumple are also becoming popular once again enhancing the popularity of the casually formal theme that more and more men are choosing. So all in all it seems to bring in some interesting trends for men, and more so, some modifications from former styles.

If you’re looking for inspiration for fashionable items, a good way is to look at various online mens catalogues. These fashion catalogues feature the latest trends and you will no doubt be inspired from looking at the wide range of clothing on display.

What are the best good looking tips for men?

Men today are just as beauty conscious as women, if not more in certain cases! However, this is no reason to be shameful about, as being concerned about looking good is something that everyone is equally concerned about. Listed below are some useful tips in this regard that can definitely help in ensuring that men will look as good. Many of these tips are quite easy to implement as well, which is why most men should find this to be quite easy and straightforward to go in for.

One of the easiest things to do when it comes to looking good is to dress smart. By dressing properly for the occasion, you can be sure that you will never really have to try very hard. Many people don’t consider this as one of the good looking tips for men. However, follow it and dress smart and you will quickly realise just how simple it truly can be to look good. The right dress for the right occasion really can make all the difference today. You will be able to exude a lot of confidence simply by dressing appropriately.

One of the other good looking tips for men would be to use a good facial wash at least twice a day. For most men, washing their face only is considered as a big thing. However, if you were to use a decent facial scrub in order to wash your face, you will quickly notice that you can actually look good and will be able to look absolutely stunning and fresh all the time. Good quality face washes also makes your skin look healthier and more radiant, which is probably key to looking good all the time.

Finally, you should consider maintaining a neat and clean shaven face. If you are one of those people that look good with a beard, you should consider maintaining it properly so that people won’t end up thinking that you are sloppy and don’t care about personal grooming. By showing that you care, you will automatically look good. Hence, instead of having to try as hard, you should consider following these few simple things that can really make a big difference and change a lot about how you are and how you can do things differently to look better. At first, it might seem overwhelming but after some time, this will not be all that hard.

Liposuction after pregnancy to regain figure

One of the most common demand for liposuction is coming from women who had just went through their pregnancy. Most of these women had difficulties slimming down even after putting in hours of hard work in exercising. Hence, liposuction becomes the only option that is not only effective but saves a lot of their time as well.

However, is it dangerous for a woman to have a liposuction after pregnancy? Let’€™s look at some facts.

lipo pregLiposuction is a surgical procedure that is quite invasive to the body. During the operation, surgeons will create openings in your body to scrap the fats off the problematic areas. This can causes internal bruises and bleeding. As a result, there will be a long healing period when the patient needs to recover from these wounds. Most of the wound would need three to five weeks to heal although 100% recovery would need a few months.

So, what does this mean to a woman who had just gave birth?

First, the body of a post pregnant woman is likely to be in a weakened state. In such a state, it is not advisable to go for another operation that is as invasive as liposuction. This is because the body will have a hard time trying to recover from both operations and this will significantly lengthen the period of recovery time. For women with corporate careers, they might not afford such a long absence from work so if you are in this situation, doing a liposuction after pregnancy is not really feasible.

An alternative is to consider non invasive liposuction technique to help contour the body. New methods such as laser lipo or zerona laser treatment have been recently approved by FDA and are currently available in the market. Both techniques are less invasive especially zerona so it is suitable for women want to lose weight after their pregnancy.

Know your face shape before you shop for jewelry and also get the desired hairstyles

There are various things that you need to keep in kind when it comes to selection the appropriate earrings or the appropriate hairstyle. The choice I believe should primarily depend on the fact that what kind of face shape that you have.

The face shapes that we have been conventionally divided in four or five major types and based on that you should select the kind of jewelry and hair style you should select.

The conventional types are round face, oval face, heart shaped face, oblong face, oval face as well as the diamond face.

Features of round face

The round face means that it is circular and it is similar in height and width. Famous celebrity: Kate Winslet

Features of Oval face

The face is wider in the middle and the chin is is very small. Famous celebrity: Beyonce Knowles

Features of heart shaped face

This face has a pointed chin and a very sleek jawline. Famous celebrity: Reese Whitherspoon

Diamond face features

A big forehead is definitely there and then there is the hairline which is much broader. Katherine Hepburn was the one who has diamond shaped face.

Oblong face features

As the name suggests that the face is long as well as the face is very sqaurish. Our favorite Angelina Jolie has this face.

Square face features

Demi Moore has a square face and that has been characterized by the square face and very square hairline and a special angular jaw.

The hairstyle and the earrings are the main things that you should be careful when you go out for a party and wearing a dress.

Here are the main styles of earrings

  • Stud Earrings
  • Button Earrings
  • Drop Earrings
  • Dangle Earrings
  • Chandelier Earrings
  • Hoops
  • Bead Bursts
  • Heart Shaped Earrings
  • Lever back
  • French Wire
  • Huggies
  • Ethnic Earrings
  • Pierced Earrings

Here are the various styles of necklaces

  • Bib
  • Choker
  • Dog Collar
  • Graduated
  • Lariat
  • Matinee
  • Opera
  • Princess
  • Rope and Uniform

IPL glamour Shetty sisters and the Royalty

Let us look at the glamour quotient provided by one of the teams in the IPL3 season. Shilpa Shetty owns the Rajasthan Royals team. How much stake she has? She owns the % of the team . The benefit that the team gets is nothing but glamour. Shilpa and her sister provide the glamour.

Shamita-Shetty-with-Raj-kundra-and-Shilpa-Shetty-at-Amitabh-70-birthday-party31Big Brother money and NRI money

If you are wondering from where the money comes in? Let me remind you that Shilpa won the Big Brother in UK for millions of pounds in prize money as well as several endorsements. Then she also found her husband there. His name is Raj Kundra. That is real source of money.

Notice the huge rock on her finger.

See their marriage pics if you do not know the grand scale of marriage minus Akshay Kumar. Shilpa’€™s wedding album minus Akshay Kumar was for sure a grand success and in time for the IPL extragavanza.

Now see the season 3 pics of Shilpa, Raj and Shamita . Is this not what IPL is all about ?

I wish these guys can spend same amount of time to do something for a noteworthy cause. Well who has the time apart from having some nice charity against their name.


Introducing the Beauty Trolley

Beauty technicians everywhere are aware of the importance of having as many beauty products on hand as possible. Working in the beauty industry can be high pressure, with each job involving working to a tight deadline. One mistake or one missing styling tool could spell disaster and have a knock on effect for the rest of the day. Not being able to locate a missing brush or a particular shade of blusher can be a technician’€™s worst nightmare!

beauty trolleyA tool that is essential to a lot of beauty professionals in the cosmetics industry is called a beauty trolley. These let the professional quickly and easily find any of their frequently used items in seconds thanks to their vast array of storage drawers. They often come with a lot of extra features too, which is why it is important to choose one that suits your method of usage.

Firstly, it is important to choose one that has enough storage to be able to adequately store all of your makeup. While this may sound obvious, the trolley should have easy access slide out trays at the top for your most often used accessories, with deep drawers and compartments at the bottom to store those rarer items.  It could be argued that only the regular makeup should be stored in a trolley to avoid wasted space, but removing and adding items all the time sort of defeats the purpose of owning a beauty trolley in the first place!

The material used in a trolley should also be considered. Hard cases made of plastic and metal are ideal if your profession will take you long distances to potential clients. These robust shells will work as a protective measure against the case being squashed in over-stuffed luggage compartments. If the beauty trolley will just be used locally or in-studio, then a softer, cheaper cosmetic case could be just what you need instead.

Finally, choose a size that matches your requirements. Work out how much stuff you really use is it a few shades or a hundred? If you only work with relatively few accessories then consider a smaller case — there is no reason for carrying a half empty beauty trolley around!

India and the fascination for Gold jewelry

If you see gold prices going up everyday and reaching new highs then you can blame India for that. And yes China Too. The reason is not hard to fathom. Everyone in India and China wants to buy gold, and that is not a new phenomenon. Traditionally in India the only jewelry that the people used to wear was gold jewelry.

indian jewelryHowever the gold was also a way to save for the rainy day. Which still holds true? Countries nowadays conserve gold and also use it as a pledge against the currency risks. Remember India did it in 1991 to tide over the financial crisis.

Now with the growing economy the middle class which has now access to good incomes has started buying gold in a variety of forms like gold fashion jewellery, gold coins and gold biscuits. In fact now coins as a form of investment has started growing much more rapidly as opposed to jewelry as form of investment.

The whole new affluent class i buying more and the supply is less and hence the imbalace. The prices are rising everyday and it is coupled with the fact that the mortgage crisis and the currency risks have prompted a lot of countries governments to have gold in their portfolio. The very affluent class may go in for something different say emerald rings or other forms of jewelry like cubic zirconia rings but the average Indian will still go for gold.

Another reason being that Indians generally prefer the 22k gold as opposed to other countries who use the 14k or the 18k gold. This means more pure gold and no additions of other metals. So more consumption of the raw gold as opposed to other countries.

The silver lining in all this is that as the middle class population gets exposed to international way of doing things the diamond jewelry is also picking up and subsequently the demand for gold will not be too high. It will take some years before we can see the real effect. Till then gold prices will be high and the fascination for gold will be higher.